Monday, August 29, 2011

Forty Key Pixelling Frenzy

Well so I've gone mad making all these little parts.

It's so easy to make multi part sprites!

They really show results for your work!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Forty Key Kick Ass Goodness


Ahem. Sorry.

With this multicomponent indexed color kit, you can build gazillions of space marine sprites. Tactical, assault, hvy wpnz, Chaplains and Librarians. Chaplains would need to be recolored black, and librarians in blue, with the main color displayed in the shoulders.

No tech marines or other things for now. Feel free to suggest new pieces, you, the odd person who's reading this.

-Heavy laser (I'll have to come up with a Corremn Pattern lascannon, held like the other hvy wpnz, not shoulder-held)

-standard and pistol flamer

-bionic replacement versions for every kind of limb

and just about anything that comes to mind... Terminators, chaos marines, all kinds of stuff eventually.

Now I know how to make multipart sprites :D

FFHtR: Status Icons, moar grave rot

So, Jolly Roger told me that grave rot comes in two flavors (bad and worse) so I made an edit.

Forty Key Good Good Goodness

With this multi-component indexed color spritesheet, you can assemble a gazillion of tactical and assault space marines, armed with bolter or bolt pistol and chainsword. Includes variant heads and bionic legs.

Special weapons pixelled separately.

40k Goodness

So, here are a couple of bitz I made, hopefully for use in Corremn's 40k project.

These three weapons I made some weeks ago, a chainsword, a bolt pistol and a plasma pistol:

And this generic green marine with a bolter I just pulled out of my ass:

And, actually unrelated and old but still nice:

Fall From Heaven the Roguelike: Status Icons

Looks like I didn't get the idea of the last icon I made right. Wasn't supposed to be a buff, but a debuff that prevented you from healing. Sigh.

Well, anyways, a new status icon: Grave Rot debuff.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall From Heaven the Roguelike: Status Icons

Two new icons for FFHtR: Enraged and Overhealing. The purple-colored corners will be used for debuffs.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ITD++: Dragon Boss FINISHED!!!


I got back to pixelling for ITD++ after a long while, because I'm working on an iPhone game now... but the ARRP is closing in, and that means I've got to make more art for TWO roguelikes!!

Since now I'm doing this kind of thing for $$$, I feel the need to go a bit wild when making pixels for the projects I'm into just for the heck of it... that's why I gave the Casting animation a fierce little lightning sun, and why the dragon bleeds fricking molten metal.

More FFHtR stuff soon!