Saturday, July 23, 2011

ITD++ : Dragon Boss WIP

I FINALLY finished the last walking animation for the ITD++ Dragon Boss.

Some parts of this critter gave me hell. The rear-view tail and flexed leg, specially.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Into the Dungeon ++: Orcs and Skeletons

This is probably the final version of these critters, the first four creatures you will find in Into the Dungeon ++. They have been at least a couple of months in the making, and I finished them today.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fall From Heaven the Roguelike: Creature Sprites

So here is another update for FFHtR's creature tileset. New critters are Balseraph Puppeteers, in elven and human flavor.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hero of Allacrost: Prettifying a Cave Entrance

Today I fixed three glaring holes in Hero of Allacrost.

The first one is a cave entrance that is shown at the beginning of the game. Here you can see the change:
Almost a late night teletienda commercial huh? ;)

The other two fixes were two armor item icons, for the Shouldered Breastplate and the Metal Shield. They aren't pixel art, though.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Into the Dungeon ++ : Hero Sprite

Here is the latest update for the hero sprite of Into the Dungeon ++. I drew inspiration from Aragorn (dev's suggestion) and Gatsu, the main character of the Berserk manga. As of now, this little guy has four directions walking cycles, attacks, standing animations, and a death animation (which is the last thing I've done).

The game this will feature in is a roguelike, and even two-frame animations are pretty much ZOMG HERETICAL HIGH TECH!!! for roguelikes.

Fall From Heaven the Roguelike: Creature Sprites

So, here is the latest update of the incredible, awesome, painstakingly developed creatures I'm pixelling for Fall From Heaven the Roguelike, a roguelike based on a widely acclaimed Civilization IV mod, which is called just the same sans the "roguelike" part.
The latest critter of the bunch is the Iron golem, rightmost one on the bottom row.

It's two critters short of sixty little guys and it's already been two or three months in the making.

New Blogz0r!!!


I just made this blog to put all my pixel art stuff... in hopes of showing it to people that would actually pay me for it.

Right now I'm involved in three projects, two roguelikes and one console-style freeware PC RPG. Console-style PC RPG. Now that's contradiction!!

The two roguelike projects are Fall From Heaven the Roguelike, a roguelike based on a widely acclaimed Civilization 4 mod; and Into the Dungeon++, a roguelike that's going to feature ¡¡ANIMATION¡¡ something that will probably get us impaled and burnt by a mob of angry roguelikers. Neither of them has got a homepage, as far as I know (they really should, they're going to be awesome games) but you can find the devs at

The contradicting game is called Hero of Allacrost and that one *does* have a homepage, which you can find at