Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Blogz0r!!!


I just made this blog to put all my pixel art stuff... in hopes of showing it to people that would actually pay me for it.

Right now I'm involved in three projects, two roguelikes and one console-style freeware PC RPG. Console-style PC RPG. Now that's contradiction!!

The two roguelike projects are Fall From Heaven the Roguelike, a roguelike based on a widely acclaimed Civilization 4 mod; and Into the Dungeon++, a roguelike that's going to feature ¡¡ANIMATION¡¡ something that will probably get us impaled and burnt by a mob of angry roguelikers. Neither of them has got a homepage, as far as I know (they really should, they're going to be awesome games) but you can find the devs at

The contradicting game is called Hero of Allacrost and that one *does* have a homepage, which you can find at

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