Thursday, September 15, 2011

FFHtR: Creature Sprites - Now with demons!

Five new creatures since the last update of this file, four demons and a mithril golem!! The ARRP release is almost here!!! % D


  1. The hair of the blue/silver creature roughly in the middle of the second-from-bottom row is particularly awesome. Also really like the deep-sea multi-armed demon... thing. What a great set!

  2. Thanks a lot!

    This set has been in the making since February or March or something like that. The silvery thing is an air faerie, with lighting hair - seemed fitting.

    It was done in the following order: Dwarves, undead, humans, Trolls, faeries, elves, Balseraph, and demons.

    I almost always truy to give them interesting poses and gestures, make them dynamic (as far as static sprites go!)