Sunday, September 11, 2011

ITD++ : Spot the Reference

Okay, I've almost finished the item sheet for ITD++, and I included a shitload of references.

What's in this pic? :D


  1. Well - it seems to me the red sword is either Soul Calibur or Soul Edge, the sword below is the FF sword you always see LARPers carrying (name unknown!), the helmets in the blue and orange sets look familiar but I can't place them (though the orange is very Centurion-esque), and the green helmet looks like, if I recall, the thing Thulsa Doom wears in the amazing/dreadful original Conan film. Were any of those guesses close?

  2. Yes, they were good guesses :)

    The red sword IS the sould edge, reference taken from Nightmare's Soul Edge in Soul Calibur II.

    The FF sword is called Buster Sword, from FFVII.

    For the green helmet I did not take any particular reference, although I *DID* take inspiration from a conan baddie, namely the big bad in one of the Conan animated series, which I watched a lot when I was a kid.

    The helmet in the blue set I won't tell (yet), and you missed another three references and two half-references ;)

  3. Score: two and a half out of five and three halfs

    Tip: The orange/gold set only has one half-reference, the helmet is just a generic ancient helmet based on a design by the dev.

    Oh and there is ANOTHER reference more I forgot about, but it's quite obscure.

  4. I am proud/ashamed to say I believe I watched the same one - crazy lizard-man-villain-thing, right?

    Well, I feel the purple sword design is slightly familiar, but I can't place it. Lost Odyssey? Or... hmm. Not sure about that one. The blue shield I'm sure must be somewhere, but that's a mystery.

    The red helmet looks quite like the shape of the Xenomorph's head from the Alien series (ye gods, Giger's designs are strange) - seems unlikely, but the only resemblance I can think of! The red shield does look quite WH40K-Chaos-esque, but beyond that... I'm not sure! I suspect all those guesses were probably wrong, alas...