Friday, September 23, 2011

ITD++ : Making a proper menu screen III

Well, this is starting to be something.

I've developed a simple bitmap ASCII font in the vein of Fixedsys, in three sizes: 8x16,16x32, and 32x64. At first I thought that a 8x12/16x24/32x48 (that's a 2x3 ratio) would look better, but it gave me issues with lining up the bottom of uppercase and lowercase characters...

Anyways, I've started using the biggest font size, and adding some prettying up to the menu elements:

The smaller the font, the more satisfied I am with it... anyways, this is somewhat promising.

...Carol-Anne, the beast in me, so here it comes, here it comes, reaching out somewhere from inside, your teee-veeeeeeee!!! % D


  1. Nice opening screen! Working on one myself atm; wondering about putting in some kind of spiffy background pictures, and I'm a half-decent real-life artist, so scanning things in COULD, possibly, produce something passable! The logo on the one above, I think, is particularly good.

  2. Whoa, thanks!

    I really didn't expect outside compliments for this one, you're very welcome!

  3. I also quite like this, long live larger fonts coupled with ample style and spiffy line work.

  4. Well, in the end it looks probable that the logo itself will be designed by a new addition to the team, one of the guys that's behind the (still in the labs) webpage.

    Still, I'll make a pixel art version of that logo to stick in this.

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